Dr. Alfred Alessi has dedicated his life to helping others improve their health and vitality. It was the natural progression of various educational and life experiences that have allowed Dr. Alessi to gain a deeper understanding of what people are seeking when it comes to their health. Dr. Alessi’s resilient desire to continue learning and improving his skills has led him to sharing his simple but powerful steps to living a vibrant life! In this powerful resource you’ll learn:

  • What is chiropractic and why should you care to know more
  • The infinite amount of ways chiropractic is beneficial for your whole body
  • Why so many people are sick and suffering in a failing healthcare model, and how do we snap out of it?
  • How do you naturally slow down the degenerative changes within the body
  • How to get out of the downward spiral of disease and move into a vibrant and healthy lifestyle
  • Why you should care how well your nervous system is functioning, and how that relates to your health status
  • How mislabeling symptoms as “common” may be destroying your health
  • Chiropractic’s role in professional sports
  • Learn how to design your health using the fundamentals of chiropractic and lifestyle choices

What you'll learn

The Power Within
The Power Within

The Power Within


The Author

Dr. Alfred Alessi

Nutritionist, corrective chiropractor, exercise physiologist and functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Alfred Alessi is the author of multiple books that deeply engage readers to unravel the often confusing world of health, wellness and longevity by equipping you with powerful tools and techniques broken down into simple and effective strategies that you can put into daily practice. Dr. Alessi obtained his Doctorate from the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) and also holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition. He has received multiple post doctorate certifications in the fields of Functional Neurology, Myoneural Medicine and Exercise physiology.

Dr. Alessi is dedicated to perfecting his own health and passes this innate drive along to his patients. By taking a whole-body functional approach to care, he addresses the root cause of his patient’s problems not simply covering up symptoms. His goal is to enlighten his readers and change the outlook of medicine as a whole by shifting the focus to preventative measures as a means of achieving outstanding, long lasting health. “ As a doctor it is my God-given duty to empower my patients to ultimately take responsibility of their own health
-Dr. Alfred Alessi